Harbor House Residential

Stable and supportive sober living with an emphasis on healing, nurturing community connections, and achieving self-sufficiency.

We are a safe, clean, and stable environment for men and women who are motivated to overcome addictions.

We provide encouragement through case management, supportive services, and on-site managers. It is our goal to empower residents to overcome issues of homelessness and addiction while integrating themselves into the community.

The Harbor House provides a co-ed residential addiction recovery program for motivated individuals who are currently homeless and battling addictions.  These transitional housing townhomes are located in central Colorado Springs.  This first objective of the program is sobriety with a six week intensive treatment upon entering. After completion, the focus shifts to employment and self- sufficiency by offering educational and training services to ease the transition into job readiness.  Upon graduating, clients are able to leave the program empowered with months of sobriety, a savings account, and community connections that nurture their success.

Program Features-

  • Abstinence
  • Up to 18 months of transitional housing
  • Intensive and compassionate case management
  • Intensive outpatient and substance abuse treatments
  • Counseling and group therapy
  • Current or program graduated sponsors
  • Life skills and employment restoration
  • Healthy relationship building
  • Family restoration
  • Recovery support services

Am I Eligible?

  • Is your current goal to become sober, self-sufficient, and live independently?
  • Chronic substance use AND literally homeless
  • Priority on chronic homeless***

*** HUD definition of chronic homelessness-

  • Literally Homeless: Lives in a place not meant for human habitation, or in an emergency shelter.
  • Time: Continuously for 12 months or 4 times in three years totaling 12 months with breaks in homelessness that are at least 7 days.
  • Institutional Care: Jail, hospital, substance abuse or mental health treatment facility for less than 90 days does NOT count as a break in homelessness.  It is ok to discharge from an institution to our program as long as they meet the chronically homeless criteria prior to entering the institution.
  • Families: As long as the head of household meets the chronically homeless criteria, the whole family meets it regardless of how long the rest of the family has been literally homeless.