Homeward Pikes Peak serves those who desire to enter recovery, exit homelessness, and work toward a better version of themselves.

We believe in:

  • Compassion in Treatment
  • Embracing Recovery
  • Dignity in the Process
  • Housing those in Need

We create opportunity for individuals and families through treatment and recovery programs, mental health services, and providing housing first. We do this through sober living homes, a residential rehabilitation treatment center, supportive housing, and clinical programs. All of our programs offer case management to set our clients up for success.

Our Mission

Homeward Pikes Peak empowers individuals and families to access stable housing, increase mental health, recovery, and economic stability.

Success Story

Homeward Pikes Peak has made a huge difference in my life – helping me overcome many challenges I face. I have a life-long disability, am a mom of four children, and have struggled with homelessness many times. I can’t express my appreciation for the resources, help, and support my family has received. I consider Homeward Pikes Peak like family. They have helped me succeed in many ways. — Reneisha


Located in the Homeward Pikes Peak offices, we offer individual and group treatment, relapse prevention, counseling, trauma recovery, and other treatment services.


Homeward Pikes Peak provides sober home living for men and women. A residential treatment facility keeps moms and babies together as addictions are addressed.

To house people in need, we use the principles of Housing First, supportive housing, and case management to help our clients in the process.

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Quick Facts About Homeward Pikes Peak

  • Is an organization focused on housing and treatment.
  • Conducts programs including sober homes for men and women.
  • Provides street outreach to the homeless community.
  • Has Veteran specific services.
  • Served more than 800 individuals and families in 2021.
  • Maintains an in-house clinic for anyone facing the challenge of substance abuse.
  • Manages the only residential treatment center in Colorado Springs to keep women and their children together throughout treatment.
  • Is opening a supportive housing community for individuals, families, and Veterans.
  • Founded in 2002, Homeward Pikes Peak has served our community as a leader in guiding the homeless discussion in Colorado Springs.