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Residential Treatment Center

Bloom House

Bloom House Residential Treatment Center is an intensive treatment center where mother and baby reside together while treatment for substance mis-use is received. Bloom House is the only residential treatment center in Colorado Springs and El Paso County of its kind. This important program allows the mother to receive treatment, counseling, and experience community while continuing to bond with her child(ren) as she recovers. Homeward Pikes Peak is proud to lead Colorado Springs and El Paso County in keeping families together as they work toward recovery.

Bloom House will serve up to eight (8) pregnant and parenting women at any given time, including services for those with disabilities. Case management will be provided for each client and guidance will be provided to continue treatment and growth through Homeward Pikes Peak Program Project Detour.

To be considered for Bloom House, participants must complete an assessment and meet specific criteria based on need for an ASAM3.5 or ASAM 3.1 level of care. Referrals may be received from a professional or program such as an OBGYN, MD, Dept. of Human Services, a judge or magistrate, and other treatment programs or professionals. In addition, individuals may contact our program staff to self-refer or apply to enter the program.  The first residents of Bloom House are expected soon.

For additional information, please contact Bloom House at (719) 434-7378.