How Do I Start?

The following explains how to sign up for housing programs in Colorado Springs.

For Yourself:

Are you ready for healing?

  • Do you strive to become sober, self-sufficient, and live independently?
  • Are you motivated to get clean but lacking support?
  • If your answer is yes, we are here to help you achieve the success you deserve.
  • You are well on the way to a life of freedom.

For Loved Ones:

Is your family member or loved one struggling with addiction or homelessness?

This can be a very troubling time for family and care givers to witness someone they care for struggling with addiction.  We recommend that you take care of yourself and participate in an Ala-non group.  There are many across the city or where-ever you live.  Unfortunately, we cannot force someone to enter treatment.  The most successful substance abuse treatment or mental health treatment is when the individual desires the change for themselves.  Each person will have to commit to recovery on their own terms.  This is often very hard for us to see in our loved ones.  We encourage you to access care for yourself, read about addiction and prepare yourself for the challenge ahead.

If your loved one is homeless, there are many services they can access in the community.  The most well known include: the Springs Rescue Mission (emergency shelter, case management, resource and referral center, residential addictions program for men, and job training); Salvation Army RJ Montgomery Center (emergency shelter and case management, transitional housing for adults, veterans and families);  Catholic Charities Marion House (daily meals, resource and referral, and case management); Urban Peak (emergency shelter for youth 14-21, permanent supportive housing, case management).

If an individual is seeking housing options, each person must take the “Housing Survey”.   Also please see the resources on the Help COS website of the City of Colorado Springs

New Referral Process for Colorado Springs Housing: Coordinated Entry

The process for obtaining housing has now changed in Colorado Springs. Referrals are no longer accepted  by phone,  walk-ins, or e-mails asking to be on a waitlist for a particular program.  If a homeless individual  is seeking housing assistance, he or she must first complete what is known as a Housing Survey (or VI-SPDAT). Taking the Housing Survey puts the individual into a collective database that all housing agencies have access. The Housing Survey scores the level of vulnerability an individual reports, which is then discussed each week at a Coordinated Entry meeting that all local housing agencies attend. The most vulnerable individuals that meet the criteria for agencies who have vouchers or vacancies in their programs will be notified.  Agencies are not at liberty to discuss where the homeless individual stands on the “list”. Taking the Housing Survey does not guarantee housing, but is mandatory for all who seek transitional housing, rapid re-housing or permanent supportive housing.

Below is a tentative list of participating agencies that are able to administer the Housing Survey (VI-SPDAT):

Ascending To Health  |  Ecumenical Social Ministries  |  Family Promise  |  Springs Rescue Mission  |  CSPD Homeless Outreach Team  |  Partners in Housing  |  Pikes Peak United Way  |  AspenPointe  |  Greccio Housing  |  Catholic Charities  |  Homeward Pikes Peak  |  The Salvation Army  |  Colorado Springs Housing Authority  |  Veterans Administration  |  Tri-Lakes Cares  |  Coalition for Compassion and Action  |  Rocky Mountain Human Services  |  Urban Peak  |  Colorado Division of Housing

Please note:  Not all agencies have walk-in availability to administer the Housing Survey (VI-SPDAT). Please call ahead to make an appointment to take the Housing Survey with an agency of your convenience. It is important for individuals to become” document-ready” on his/her own time. Document-ready means having a state ID, social security card, and birth certificate to present.

Please do not call the agency where you took your survey to see when you’re getting housing.  Again, it is not a waitlist, and we are not at liberty to tell individuals where they are on the list because it varies from week to week. An agency will contact you if you have been flagged for a possible voucher.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call any of the aforementioned agencies to learn more.

Click the link above to see the most recent places to get the Housing Survey done.