Housing First and Veteran Specific Housing

Emphasizing stable and permanent housing as a primary strategy for ending homelessness in our community.

Housing First-

We are committed to removing barriers to housing and prioritizing members of our community who are most in need by connecting them with housing as quickly as possible.  We believe in nurturing hope and reducing harm for vulnerable members of our community by providing permanent housing and supportive services without preconditions and barriers.

Housing First is a nationally recognized and evidence based program that is strongly supported by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. It prioritizes the most vulnerable while emphasizing stable and permanent housing with case management and supportive services. Housing First focuses on providing housing for the disabled, chronically homeless, Veterans, and families with substance use issues.  Clients with little or no income, insurance, criminal histories, evictions, and other barriers are accepted. Case managers are available to each client to assist in reducing personal barriers to self-sufficiency, to connect clients with mental health and wellness services, and to provide coaching for skill building and employment readiness.

Veteran Specific Housing-

We are committed to providing service intensive housing for any Veteran who is struggling with disabilities and homelessness.

Veteran specific housing follows the housing first model as previously described.  Veterans and their families who are vulnerable will be provided with permanent housing and supportive services.

Core Components-

  • Few to no program prerequisites to permanent housing entry
  • Low barrier admission policies
  • Rapid entry
  • Supportive services
  • Tenants have full rights, responsibilities, and legal protection
  • Practices and policies to prevent lease violations and evictions
  • Applicable in a variety of housing models

 Do I qualify for Housing First?

  • I am currently homeless
  • I have been chronically homeless  (see HUD definition below)***
  • I have a documented mental illness AND substance abuse history OR am currently struggling with substance abuse
  • I have taken the VI-SPDAT**[link to times and locations] housing survey

*** HUD definition of chronic homelessness-

  • Literally Homeless: Lives in a place not meant for human habitation, or in an emergency shelter.
  • Time: Continuously for 12 months or 4 times in three years totaling 12 months with breaks in homelessness that are at least 7 days.
  • Institutional Care: Jail, hospital, substance abuse or mental health treatment facility for less than 90 days does NOT count as a break in homelessness.  It is ok to discharge from an institution to our program as long as they meet the chronically homeless criteria prior to entering the institution.
  • Families: As long as the head of household meets the chronically homeless criteria, the whole family meets it regardless of how long the rest of the family has been literally homeless.