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Who We Are

Empowering vulnerable neighbors to achieve their full potential.


Positively transforming the lives of those struggling with homelessness and/or substance abuse within our community.


The mission of Homeward Pikes Peak is to empower individuals and families to achieve their full potential in recovery from substance abuse and to exit homelessness, moving toward self-sufficiency and permanent housing.

Why Our Work Is Important

Homeward Pikes Peak began as a collaborative organization pulling direct service providers, community stakeholders and local leaders together to address homelessness and substance abuse. Through the years, and as gaps in services were identified, we became a direct service provider.  We currently operate five supportive housing programs and one out-patient treatment clinic.

Our work saves taxpayers over $2 million per year from our housing programs by reducing ER visits, 911 calls, detox stays, and psychiatric hospitalizations. We create sober parents, effective employees, and individuals with self-sufficiency and dignity.  We are an active member of the Pikes Peak Continuum of Care and a leader in the Coalition of Homeless Advocates. We are committed to directly providing services and working with the community to create long term solutions for services, housing and emergency shelter.

Tracked Outcomes:

  • Reduction of substance use or ideally abstinence in 90% of all clients
  • Enhanced relapse prevention skills in 90% of all clients
  • Improved family functioning and reunification related to client treatment plan seen in 90% of all clients
  • Increase economic self-sufficiency through paid work, benefits or a combination for 80% of all clients

HPP has three goals for 2018:

  1. House 175 individuals and provide intensive case management and strive for a 75% housing stability rate.
  2. Support 110 women to become sober and stable mothers through the Harbor House Clinic.
  3. Explore the creation of a “permanent supportive housing” apartment complex to house chronically homeless and very low-income residents to open in 2020.